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Sunday, October 15, 2017

~ Counting ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
a very happy Sunday to you all...

the weather here is perfect today ~ perfect for a day of quiet stitching~
cooler temps, overcast skies and blustery winds make for a comfy day to be filled with tiny little X's.
although I love to stitch in any kind of weather, Autumn days like this are my very favorite.

I posted a few photos on FB and Instagram lately, 
that show me using counting pins while I stitch...
this is by no-means anything new, in fact stitchers have been doing it for centuries ~
but I don't always show how I do things, taking for granted that some of you would either already know or not be so interested.
for those who have inquired about using counting pins,
here goes:

Now, you can purchase them or even make your own counting pins 
by simply gluing beads onto the head-end of your pins ~
... like these that were sweetly gifted to me 
~ and that I keep in my sewing box:

... aren't they beautiful? 
like tiny precious gems :)

you can use plain pins too ~ 
or in this case some antique 'toilet' pins.
no, they weren't necessarily used in the bathroom, 
~ but a lady's dressing room wasn't complete without them...
she would use them to fasten a blouse or hem, and use them in her sewing as well....

I love how mine look on my stitching in progress, 
~ and imagining how these were used by nimble hands before me.
how do you use them when doing counted cross stitch?
I use them to hold my count when I'm stitching a border, 
as I place a pin every 10-20 stitches or so... then remove them when no longer needed.

I also use them as a reminder where color changes need to be made with my thread,
as in the acorn at the bottom in the photo below:

and since I usually have two {or more} projects going at one time,
I can leave the pins in to remind me where I left off.
Just make sure your pins are clean and aren't rusty ~ 
and never ever leave them or your work in your hoop for an extended period of time.

I'll tuck one in if I think there is the chance {and there is always that chance}
that I have miscounted and need to track where that might be
{like in the basket worked below...me thinks I split a stitch}

you can see that I'm using a different type of antique toilet pin
while working on this sampler ~  these being white glass and a larger size at that.


So now you know ~
counting pins help keep that stitching 'FROG' away!
{ Oh, ..."frogging" refers to ripping out those miscounted stitches, as-in rippit! rippit!....get it? }

 Iggy likes the fact that by me using counting pins,
I'm less likely to yell, cuss or throw things.
... therefore making stitching much more enjoyable for us both ~

This blog post has been officially Iggy Approved.
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Friday, October 13, 2017

~ Friday the 13th ~

Happy Friday the 13th!

with the lack of luck I've had with my foot, then tooth ~
I'm thinking positively today!

Since I haven't been able to unpack from last weekend's show,
and the shop is on it's um....ear,
and Miss Joan is under-the-weather {get better quick girlfriend!}
we will be 
C L O S E D tomorrow, Saturday October 14th

sorry for any inconvenience my friends!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

Thursday, October 12, 2017

~ Freebie Time ~

Hello my stitching friends & folk ~
happy Thursday afternoon to you all! 
today's weather seems more Autumnal, more fall-ish

I'm working on a new Thanksgiving cross stitch design, 
and I though I would gift you all with a coordinating freebie...
so here is:

Big Red Acorn

click on the chart and the symbol legend below that {separately}, save them to your computer
and then print them out any size you'd like.

 The model {{above}} that I'm stitching for the new design is called 
~ Talking Turkey ~
and the colors of DMC threads I'm using to stitch this are the very same that are in this freebie...
I'm stitching Talking Turkey onto 32ct Cedar Plank linen from Lakeside Linens 

I love using my mom's old maple-wood 'QUEEN' hoop with coin-screw
when I stitch

 Hope you enjoy the Freebie!
I will be adding it to my 'FREEBIES" page 
under 'my link's over there on the upper tight column of this blog for future use.

*Friendly Reminder*
I love to offer my friends and customers free designs...to stitch for themselves, or others ~
and as the designer, I also allow you to sell a limited number of finished projects from this design.
any mechanical copying/printing/mass producing and/or selling of this freebie 
or any of my free charts/graphs/designs
 is strictly prohibited and protected by United States Copyright laws © 
~ I kindly ask that you give me credit for design 
if you will be sharing it and/or posting about it on social media.

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori